Monday, November 20, 2006

Urban Meyer Fuming Over New BCS Rankings

Meyer: Wants playoffs if Buckeyes and Wolverines rematch Florida coach Urban Meyer is sounding off about the BCS standings and his reaction to the potential for a Ohio State vs. Michigan rematch for the BCS National Title.

''If they do that [rematch], there should be a playoff system next year,'' Meyer said Sunday. ``I think if that [rematch] happens, I think it's over. All the presidents would need to get together immediately and put in a playoff system -- like now!''

''I think that would be unfair to Ohio State and I think it would be unfair to the country. I don't believe [a rematch] is the right thing to do,'' Meyer said. ``You're going to tell Ohio State that they have to beat the same team twice and that is extremely difficult. I think they had their chance. Someone else should have a chance to go get No. 1.''

When asked if Michigan wins the potential rematch would it be ludicrous, Meyer responded:

'Absolutely [there would be no national champion]. If I'm Ohio State I go get a bunch of rings and say, `We won the national championship.' That's not right,'' Meyer said.

It's damn near impossible to beat a team twice in the same season especially back to back. The point should be raised, should a team that doesn't even win their conference be allowed to play in the national title game? Isn't the BCS supposed to be the best teams from the BCS conferences along with an at-large team. Are the computers even working?

On the other hand, you have to think Meyer is fighting for his Gators to get in the championship, but at this point they will have their hands full with SEC West Champs, Arkansas.

This point will be irrevelant if USC takes care of Notre Dame, which will be no small feat, and UCLA.

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